Land projects as a freelancer using Instagram

Your future potential client is hanging out a lot on Instagram, and waiting for you to show up and get'em!

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The simplest yet most informative guide to starting your own blog or company on Instagram!

From learning how to start your page to understand the importance of the right hashtags to creating content, everything has been broken down into categories in an appropriate order.

After completing the course, anyone would have the confidence to start and create the perfect strategies to make it a success.

— Aishwarya

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Module 1

This module is all about creating your brand message. How do you want to introduce yourself to a future potential client?

How do you want your future clients to look at you? How is your brand look and feel going to be?

How do you want your audience to see you?

What is your elevator pitch going to be when you seal the deal?

This module is all about creating the right message and communicating it at the right time.

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Module 2

This module is all about understanding how Instagram works for your business type.

Whether you have a service-based business model or a product-based business model, there are a lot of opportunities for you to use Instagram to reach out to your ideal clients or customers.

This module is all about understanding how you can make maximum conversions for your business type using simple strategies that put you in the position of an expert.

Module 3

This module talks about looking like a brand on Instagram.

What that means is when your ideal client lands on your page, what would make them stay, follow, and eventually engage with your content.

Looking like a brand is all about doing a virtual handshake with your future client, letting them know who you are, what you do, how you work and why you are perfect for them by simply using the Instagram features in the right manner.

Module 4

This module is juicy stuff! Here I am talking about I create one month of content in one hour and how you can too do the same using my strategies.

I have shared my favorite strategies (algorithm proof) that help in converting followers into leads and those leads in clients.

In this module, I am talking about all the powerful back-end strategies that are kept secret and can help you scale your business in many ways. I am also talking about how to collaborate and grow your business online.

Module 5

Let's talk about not getting overwhelmed with Instagram and going auto-pilot.

How to create amazing graphic posts for free?

How to automate content and not spend hours on Instagram?

How to understand what your audience wants from you?

This is what this module talks about - understanding how your audience is reacting to your content and how you can skew it in your favor.

Module 6

The final module talks about promotions.

Whether you want to introduce some great discounts or you want to generate leads, Instagram ads are a powerful tool to help you reach out.

In this module, I am talking about using Instagram insights to understand your outreach, creating promotion strategies, and appropriate keywords to spread the word at the right place at the right time.

Instagram ads are a powerful tool to help you grow your reach and land your future clients or customers quickly.

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Let me get this straight my friend! In this course, I am not talking about which Instagram feature does what. Absolutely not!

I am simply cutting to the chase and sharing how to use each feature in your favor and grow your business online.

I have literally poured my heart and all the strategies I have learned in the past three years inside of this course and I am sure it's gonna do wonders for you.

Getting the type of clients you want isn't easy, I understand that, I have been in your shoes. That's why I have simplified the whole process for you to make Instagram marketing something that you enjoy.

I will see you inside!