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The Powerpuff Gals

Chief Adorable Officers

Meet the heads of the cuteness department at Archea who keep the office lively and help us think out of the box with their constant requests to play, go for walks and drives, trick or treat and shopping. 

No matter how long the meetings are, we always find them sitting in the room patiently waiting for the meeting to be over and sometimes creating troubles by shouting in between.

Utsav Kamboj


An architect and urban designer by profession,

Utsav is obsessed with helping designers and architects by spreading resources and inspiration since 2017 with an intent to help them achieve their goals and work-life balance. 

Medha Bothra

Architectural Writer & Strategist

An architect by qualification, Medha is the lead architectural writer and strategist in the team.

Her love for reading and writing and strong analytical skills bring in a good combination for her designation and helping out the peers. 

Ankita Shinde

Interior Blogger

An interior designer by profession, Ankita has always been fascinated by possibilities in design and spend a lot of time reading and writing her learnings. 

Chetan Gupta

Architectural Writer

A final year architecture student, Chetan is the content strategist in the team.

His understanding and passion towards architecture and creating narratives brings in fresh perception along with great innovative ideas.

Varsha Prabhu

Architecture & Interior Writer

Varsha has spent almost a decade in the Architecture & interior Design world.

When not working, she spends her time over-thinking alternatives to the conventional stuff, annoying her dog, trying to be eco-friendly and binging on Podcasts.

Kiran Karachiwala

Content Writer

Enchanted by flawed and flawless details, curious on justifying the symmetrical and asymmetrical life aspects, she is an imperfect self leaving traces of optimism, one thought at a time; words being her strength and weakness.

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