Before I tell you about this masterclass, I want you to know that you are not alone! I have been there, struggling my way to create an amazing piece of work, trying to find my way to a great project just like you.

Five years ago, I started making some subtle changes in my practice and started building on them and now we are at a place where our projects have been recognised internationally and we are setting even higher benchmark for ourselves every time we get a new project.


Through this Online Course.....

I want you to grow just like I did but in a smarter way. I want you to learn from my mistakes, my actions through this masterclass so that, together, we can build a better community.

What's inside this Online Course?


In this module I am talking about what is a WOW design and what goes behind creating one.

Creating a WOW design doesn't happen by chance or doesn't happen to someone who is blessed, it comes by perseverance.

WOW design is a step-by-step approach where you need to learn a few things, unlearn a few things and follow the process.


A WOW design always starts with the client.

If you want to build a Taj Mahal, you need to have a client like Shahjahan and in this module I am talking about how do you identify your Shahjahan, how to you calculate if your client really wants a WOW design.

I am also talking about analysis of the client's brief, how do you decode the brief, take clues from it and finally, how you build on it.


In this module I am talking about process of design.

Design doesn't happen by magic, it's a process of going up and down, thinking out of the box, questioning the basics, bridging the gap between what client wants and what he needs.

I have dedicated this module specifically to help you go through the process of design so that you can achieve your WOW factor every single time!


In this module I am talking about one of the major challenges we face as architects - presenting your work to the clients and convincing them for the best option.

I am also talking about the critical phase where your design has been finalised but it has not been built yet - protecting your design from the bullets, from the unnecessary changes that come from client's relatives and friends that lead to loss of design.


One of the major challenges we face while our design is being executed is that our team members like contractors, vendors are not aligned to our vision of the project and this is what I am talking about in this module.

I am also talking about preparing for the safety factor of design - how you can calculate loss of design for your project in advance and build on it.


In this module I am talking about making friends with the cost beast - budgets!

How you can create a WOW design with limited budgets, how you can evolve your design in the process, and the right direction you need to take to achieve your goals.

How you can use subtle mindset shift to be successful at what you do.

Take the Big Leap..